Whether you’re traveling to the Newport Jazz festival or taking an extended trip out West, Northeast RV Rentals, LLC will get you there in style. Located in New Hampshire, we focus on providing exceptional service along with top-notch RV rental options (including the area’s best deals on motorhome and camper rentals). Contact us today at (603) 410-6440, or request a quote online.

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Choose an RV Rental for Your Next Trip

If you want to spend time in nature without getting it all over you, opt for a motorhome rental from Northeast RV. You’ll be able to explore to your heart’s content but still have a luxurious retreat to rest and recuperate in at night. No worries about roughing it because all of our RV rental options come equipped with a bathroom (showers included), refrigerator & freezer, stove, microwave, and an awning.

Our RV rentals also contain a generator, so they are fully self-contained for optimal peace and relaxation. We also allow 100 free miles of travel per day, so you can travel freely without fear of the cost. Please advise that neither smoking nor pets are allowed in our rental units. For an extra fee, we can provide convenient kitchen and linen kits. Whether you’re going to a New England campground or across the country, enjoy traveling in luxury and style.

At Northeast RV Rentals, we’re all about customer service. Our customers truly become our friends, as our repeat business shows.

Pop-ups Offer Convenience in a Small Package

A step up from a tent, a camper rental is our smaller, low-profile towable unit that comes with free, unlimited mileage. It detaches from the tow vehicle, freeing up your car or truck to explore the area or run errands. Camping enthusiasts love a pop-up because it gets them off the ground and into a soft, comfy bed while still immersed in the great outdoors.

So hike that mountain trail you’ve had on your bucket list, or stay at the family campground with all the bells and whistles the kids will love. If it’s been too long since you cooked bacon and eggs around a campfire, it’s time to re-up.

More than RV Rentals

Make your own memories: Contact us today at (603) 410-6440 to discuss your itinerary or to learn more about us. Feel free to check out the answers to some frequently asked questions too. When you’re ready to take the first step toward your next adventure in New Hampshire or beyond, just say the word.